Stomach Feels Full But Not Painful And Not Menstruating?

Illustration of Stomach Feels Full But Not Painful And Not Menstruating?
Illustration: Stomach Feels Full But Not Painful And Not Menstruating?

excuse me, my stomach below my navel feels full but if it is pressed it doesn’t hurt and my bowels are not smooth, but this month I haven’t menstruated, even though last month I menstruated on the 19th

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Need to be clarified beforehand, have you ever had sex after your last menstruation? Aside from feeling full in your stomach, do you also experience nausea, vomiting, urination problems, or other complaints? How long have you had this complaint?

A feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen may indicate a mass in the area. This mass can vary, ranging from gases, liquids, to solid masses, such as tumors. In addition, this feeling of fullness can also actually be part of pain that is of a mild intensity and of blunt quality. If it appears with an intensity that is quite heavy and very disturbing, you should check yourself directly to the doctor for further treatment.

Here are some conditions that might trigger your complaint:

Gastrointestinal disorders, such as dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), inflammation of the intestine, irritable bowel syndrome, obstructive ileus, intestinal tumors
Reproductive tract disorders, such as pre menstrual syndrome, pregnancy, myoma, uterine polyps, pelvic inflammation
Urinary tract disorders, such as cystitis, bladder stones
Others, such as muscle cramps, psychosomatic disorders, and so on

By conducting a physical examination directly, or confirmed through supporting examinations, for example X-rays, ultrasound, laboratory tests, and so on, doctors generally can identify the appropriate treatment. It may also be that the doctor will refer you to the right specialist, such as an internist, obstetrician, or other specialist. At home, you should also do the following steps so that complaints improve:

Lower abdominal compress using a warm compress
Use comfortable clothes and pants, don't be too tight
Eat regularly, little by little, don't be too full
Reduce the consumption of fatty foods, gasses, and caffeinated drinks
Do not consume alcohol
Diligent exercise 3-5 times a week
Don't worry or stress too much
Do not consume drugs carelessly

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