Stomach Feels Uncomfortable, Nausea After Eating, Accompanied By Headaches?

Hello. Good night, OK, I want to ask. For the past few days I have often felt nauseous, and my stomach always feels bad about receiving food. And sometimes I have a fever, sometimes I don’t. Then I also often feel dizzy. I have a history of heartburn from childhood, so is this a sign that my stomach is relapsing. Or is this a symptom of another disease? Because I was afraid that if I could not eat anymore, my stomach would relapse and get worse. Please explain and handle it. Thank you

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When you're nauseous, it might be difficult to accept food. However, try to keep eating smaller portions more often. Divide your meal portions into small portions, you may only eat a few bribes, then return to eating a few moments later. Avoid eating too much in one sitting because it will make your nausea more severe. Dividing the portion into smaller portions is also highly recommended in patients who experience stomach disorders. In your case, it is uncertain whether your stomach ulcer recurs or not without checking you directly. You can try dividing the portion of the meal first as I mentioned before. Mild fever can occur when we are dehydrated. When someone is nauseous or vomits, he is most likely dehydrated. To avoid this, try to drink more often. Just like eating, avoid drinking too much at once. Drink a little but often. The drink you drink should be water or coconut water. Avoid drinking tea or coffee. If nausea persists or gets worse or you can't drink at all, see your nearest doctor immediately.

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