Stomach Feels Wrapped Around After Drinking Coffee

Good night, last night I drank coffee that I have never drank before. Then I went to sleep and in the middle of the night my stomach was wrapped around it. Then I leave it until morning, it turns out the pain is made worse and the body can’t stand upright when standing. But the pain is only the abdomen around the navel, the body does not have a fever, no headache and no nausea. Is this a recurrence magh? Usually if the headache recurs my headache, the stomach is okay. Or is there another disease? Thank you

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Coffee is one type of beverage that can increase acid in the stomach. The caffeine content in coffee can trigger an increase in stomach acid for some people. But this depends on the acid levels in coffee. There are several things that can be caused when consuming coffee with high acid levels it will lead to several conditions, including: causing heartburn which will cause reflux of stomach acid, causing irritation in the stomach and intestines, causing a lot of urination, can be used as a laxative .

It is said that you experience stomach twisting after consuming coffee, it can be caused because you consume coffee which is likely to have high acid levels. In addition to triggering a twisted stomach, an increase in stomach acid will create tension in the abdominal muscles so that when moving it will feel aching or painful. You can take medicine for heartburn sufferers, so that the acid in the stomach can be reduced. Keep in mind, treatment of stomach acid requires a long enough treatment, therefore, hope the treatment is balanced with a healthier diet and a healthier life.

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