Stomach Lumps Hurt?

Illustration of Stomach Lumps Hurt?
Illustration: Stomach Lumps Hurt?

Afternoon, on my left abdomen there are lumps of orange and sometimes it hurts, yesterday I underwent a CT scan and the results are:

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In establishing the diagnosis it is necessary to conduct an evaluation and review of various aspects ranging from historical exploration, direct physical examination and supporting examinations to support and obtain clarity of the diagnosis.

Based on the information you have provided, it appears that the lesions on the left side of the abdomen are the size you mentioned, with irregular shapes and the betas are unclear, presumably an abscess or collection of pus.

The line between the liver and pancreas is not clear, there may be adhesions. The intestine in the lower right looks irregular, there may be inflammation

Based on the CT scan findings you are advised to do a CT scan of the stomach with contrast

Not yet certain whether the lump is a tumor or not, therefore you are advised to do abdominal CT with contrast to ensure suspicion toward the tumor

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