Stomach Often Aches And Twists?

Illustration of Stomach Often Aches And Twists?
Illustration: Stomach Often Aches And Twists?

Good afternoon docter, I have heartburn, and for 3 days now my stomach has been wrapped around for a few minutes. then the pain disappears later after a few minutes comes the feeling of twisting and pain again. approximately u0026sup2; what drugs are suitable for treating it. Previously I say thank you 🙏

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Hello mom,

Thank you for the question.

The recurring sensation of recurrence in the stomach can occur due to a variety of factors, one of which is gastritis (often referred to as ordinary people as heartburn). Typically, complaints due to gastritis will feel dominant in the upper abdomen (solar plexus, epigastrium, near the chest), and heavy when late eating, under stress, fatigue, experiencing hormonal changes (such as during menstruation or young pregnancy), or consume several types of food ( such as chili sauce, sauces, mustard greens, cabbage, coconut milk, fried foods, drinks (such as chocolate, tea, coffee, soda, alcohol), and certain drugs (such as anti-pain, antibiotics, anti-blood clotting). In more severe cases, gastritis can also make you short of breath, vomiting, coughing, bleeding mucus, black bowel movements, loss of appetite, to experience a drastic weight loss.

Not only gastritis, the wrapping that you experience can also be caused by intestinal obstruction, cholangitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, food allergies, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, muscle cramps, volvulus, peritonitis, hernias, infections or urinary tract stones, pre menstrual syndrome, cysts, cysts ovaries, infections, endometriosis, nerve disorders, psychological disorders, and so on.

Complaints in your stomach, as long as it's mild in intensity, and not accompanied by fever for more than 3 days, vomiting and / or massive diarrhea, bowel movements or bloody vomiting, difficult to pass wind for more than 1 day, weakness, cold sweat, and other severe complaints , it should not be feared excessive. Considering the current condition, where COVID-19 is plaguing, it is better for you to stay at home while overcoming your complaints by getting plenty of rest, warm stomach compresses that are wrapped around, not to lift heavy loads, eat small portions but often, avoid eating food first / drinks / and drugs that are prone to aggravate complaints (as mentioned above), increase relaxation, do not carelessly massage your stomach, and also do not take any medication without doctor's advice.

If the complaint does not improve, or the danger signs appear above, immediately check with your doctor or doctor of internal medicine so that it is handled properly according to the cause huh.

I hope this helps.

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