Stomach Pain Accompanied By Vomiting After Every Meal?

Night. It’s been a few days my stomach hurts like people run away and keeps on bowing (in Javanese). Coughing is also called for. The belly of the belly button spreads to the right side. After every meal, I want to throw up. I have a history of caesarean section for 1 year. Why?

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Complaints of lower abdominal pain that radiates to the right side and nausea or want to vomit after eating, this condition is likely to be triggered by food poisoning. If these complaints begin to appear 2-3 days, and before these complaints appear, you have consumed food that was bought outside the home, bought at an unusual place, or consumed food with an unnatural taste, then these things can trigger risk of food poisoning. Food poisoning can occur because the food consumed is not cooked with good hygiene, not stored properly, or a way of serving that does not meet food safety, causing contamination of germs in the food consumed. Patients with food poisoning can be accompanied by complaints ranging from mild to severe complaints, such as nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, cold sweat, decreased appetite, low back pain, more tender, tender, or diarrhea. One or more of these complaints can give an indication of a food poisoning. However, this still needs to be confirmed by the doctor who treats you.
Apart from a food poisoning, other medical conditions can trigger similar complaints, such as:
1. Food intolerance
2. Appendicitis
3. Stomach disorders
4. Urinary system disorders
5. Disorders of the reproductive system
Because the complaint that you feel needs to be confirmed by a doctor's examination to ascertain some of the possible causes above, then you should be able to visit and consult directly with your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding the complaint that you feel, then a physical examination will be carried out to ascertain the cause, if necessary, further investigations will be planned. The results of this examination will help ascertain the cause of the complaint you are feeling, thus, treatment and treatment will be given according to the indications.
For now, some efforts can be made to help you recover during this treatment period, such as:
1. Avoid spicy foods, instant foods / in packaged, spiced foods nuts
2. Avoid soft drinks, coffee, alcohol when consuming
3. Enough water
4. Give a warm compress to a painful stomach
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