Stomach Pain When Standing Or Sitting And Driving?

Illustration of Stomach Pain When Standing Or Sitting And Driving?
Illustration: Stomach Pain When Standing Or Sitting And Driving?

So you see, my stomach hurts since this afternoon, and it hurts when I stand or sit driving, it hurts so badly, it hurts like a wind in my stomach, so what do you think about my doctor getting sick? , * please answer *

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Hello dear Ndy,

In making a diagnosis of a disease, doctors need to carry out a series of examinations. Starting from the medical history interview, direct physical examination, and additional examinations if the results of the interview and physical examination are still in doubt. As such, I cannot answer your question about the exact diagnosis of the complaint you feel. However, I will discuss some possible diagnoses from the information you provided above.

It seems you are currently experiencing flatulence. It is not uncommon for flatulence to be accompanied by pain to stomach cramps, the stomach feels choked, and there is an increase in the frequency of belching or passing wind. There are various causes of flatulence, including:

eat too fast
swallowing air, for example because of the habit of talking while eating, smoking, drinking using a straw
consumption of foods / drinks that produce a lot of gas, such as broccoli, cabbage, cabbage, nuts, soft drinks
constipation (constipation)
hormonal changes, for example before menstruation, pregnancy
lactose or gluten intolerance
special medical disorders, such as colitis, acid reflux disease, gallstones, parasitic infections in the intestines, dysfunction of the pancreas

In principle, the initial treatment for flatulence is to adjust the diet and pattern. Avoid the factors that can trigger flatulence as mentioned above, both eating habits and diet. In addition, it is recommended that you exercise to help get rid of excess gas in the body. If the complaints do not get better, or if they are accompanied by symptoms of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, and black stools, it is better to consult an internal medicine specialist for further examination. In addition to a physical examination, the doctor will recommend additional examinations, for example, an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.

Hope this information is useful

dr. Lili

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