Stomach Part?

Illustration of Stomach Part?
Illustration: Stomach Part?

Good afternoon. My Veronika was 18 years old. When I was in elementary school I had experienced a stomach ache after falling so that I could not stand up straight, my parents thought I had a severe defect, and now I am experiencing the same pain after all these years, I also have a small lump in my right groin which does not cause pain that has been there for so long. Can the doctor diagnose my illness, and what steps should I take.

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Descending is a layman's term which in medical terms is also called a hernia.
Hernias indicate a bulge in certain parts of the body that are misplaced. Ingunal hernias are the most common type of hernia. Hernias can occur in infants, children and adults. Diagnosis of hernias is generally based on complaints in the form of lumps that often go in and out of the groin fold or settled down to the scrotum / testicle pouch as well as from a direct physical examination. Hernias can also occur in the groin (femoral hernia) which is often experienced by women.
Related to your question, the abdominal pain you feel can be caused by organs in the lower abdomen such as disorders of the digestive tract, reproductive organs and urinary tract or caused by a bulge in the groin area. Do you feel abdominal pain suddenly or there are triggers such as food, and trauma / injury in the stomach before? Are accompanied by complaints during urination or other complaints such as nausea, vomiting and changes in bowel patterns? More complete data is needed regarding whether the lump that you are experiencing is lost or appears permanent, and whether accompanied by pain in the bulge. In addition to diagnosing hernias requires direct physical examination and supporting examinations such as abdominal X-ray, CT scan or MRI if needed.
To help reduce your complaint, the following things you can do, viz
avoid strenuous activities like cycling, sports that require extra energy like running, soccer, tennis etc. and lifting heavy weights. Multiply
Eat healthy and nutritious foods and increase consumption of water. Respiratory infections that cause acute or chronic coughing can increase the risk of hernias.
If there are complaints that interfere with your activities, you should consult your nearest doctor to get a proper diagnosis whether your abdominal pain is caused by the digestive tract or related to the lump that you are. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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