Stomach Sounds When Inhale.?

Illustration of Stomach Sounds When Inhale.?
Illustration: Stomach Sounds When Inhale.?

Hello doctor, I want to ask, why do I when breathing in the upper left abdomen sounds grumpy, and when I press like there is water inside, why is that, and how do I deal with it? Thank you

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Abdominal sounds are sounds that occur due to bowel movements accompanied by air movements or intestinal contents in the digestive tract. When humans consume food, the food consumed will stimulate bowel movements and push food into the lower intestine and help the digestive system of food.
When food is consumed more, or food consumed produces more gas, then the sound of the intestine will increase or may be heard.
Some of the conditions below can cause increased bowel sounds:
1. consume foods that irritate digestion, such as spicy
2. consume foods that produce a lot of gas, such as eggs, beans, milk, coffee creamer, coconut milk, fatty foods
3. digestive infections
4. food allergies
5. food intolerance
In connection with your question, the sound of the stomach when you move, breathe, or squeeze the stomach, then this condition is a reasonable condition. Except when the bowel sounds are more frequent or louder than usual. When the frequency appears more often, this condition is probably related to your habit of consuming foods, whether spicy, milk, coffee, or other foods that increase gas in digestion.
To prevent complaints that you feel, you should begin to identify the types of food that you consume that can trigger these complaints. Know each food you consume and evaluate the participant complaints. If the food you consume affects these complaints, then avoid it.
However, if these complaints bother you more, you should consult directly with your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor. The doctor will carry out examinations and treatments related to your clinical condition.
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