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I want to ask. I have stopped using skincare from doctors for more than 1 year. But why do my pimples still appear. And big pimples, redness and pain. If I find out it’s a zit doctor. Even though I don’t use skincare at all, I just wash my face and am afraid of using any type of moisturizer. Because every time I want to try always after that there is a reaction to grow pimples again. And more and more. I ask for advice from doctors how to overcome them.

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Hello Khumaila, Thank you for the question.

Acne is one skin problem that is not easily handled because it is usually caused by various factors. Acne can appear on the skin if the skin pores are clogged by dead skin piles, oil on the skin, and bacterial infections. Blockage of skin pores and bacterial infection will cause inflammation, causing acne spots / bumps. Some factors that can trigger the growth of acne are hormonal changes, high stress, skin friction with objects, side effects of drugs, side effects of the use of certain products or cosmetics.

If it is caused by hormonal changes, then acne can still appear continuously because it is not easy to control hormones except by the use of birth control pills at the doctor's recommendation. You can try using an ointment / gel containing benzoyl peroxide which is sold freely in pharmacies. This drug can reduce inflammation and overcome bacterial infections. However, this drug needs to be used for a long period of time, that is, for at least 6 weeks, just like the average of other acne treatments that require several weeks before producing results. If this zit really bothers you and doesn't improve after trying to use the ointment above, you can consult your nearest dermatologist as soon as the corona virus outbreak has subsided. The doctor will examine your skin directly before determining the next treatment.

Some temporary treatments you can do are:

don't break pimples on purpose
always cleanse facial skin with a mild soap that is not foamy and contains no fragrance
always clean your face after heavy activity or excessive sweating
do not carelessly use leather products. If you want to use certain skin products, make sure those that are water-based, do not contain deodorizers, and do not contain alcohol. In addition, it is also recommended to try new skin products that you will use on your hands first before applying them to your face to find out if your skin has a particular reaction to the use of these products because it is likely that your skin tends to be sensitive
avoid rubbing objects with face
manage stress well
Hopefully this information helps you.

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