Stone Comes Out In The Urine?

Illustration of Stone Comes Out In The Urine?
Illustration: Stone Comes Out In The Urine?

Afternoon … yesterday from my urinary tract came out a stone, as big as my little finger nails, then I got 1 month and I have a fever and my urine is dark brown … please give me some info

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Hello Aroel,

Thank you for asking

A discharge in the urine can be a sign of stones in your urinary tract, can be limited in the urethra or bladder, and even can also come from the kidneys. Urinary tract stones, in addition to causing this complaint, can also cause urine to smell pungent, cloudy, and reddish to brown due to injury to the walls of the urinary tract by sharp stone structures. Not only that, sufferers will often feel the urination is not smooth (a little but often), pain around the genitals, low back pain to the stomach and lower back, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, cold sweat, and many other complaints depending size and location of the stone. These urinary tract stones, in addition to being influenced by dietary patterns, can also occur due to other triggers, such as genetics, dehydration, obesity, digestive disorders, drug side effects, hyperparathyroidism, and so on.

In addition to urinary tract stones, your condition may also be aggravated by urinary tract infections, prostate disorders, or other medical conditions.

You need to have your complaint directly checked by a doctor or a specialist in urology surgery so that you can do a more in-depth examination, for example with a urine test, blood test, x-ray, ultrasound, or other supporting tests. If it is true that your complaint is caused by urinary tract stones, your doctor can direct you to undergo a variety of treatment options, ranging from conservative (lots of drinking, changes in dietary patterns, ESWL) to invasive (surgery).

For now, first increase your fluid intake, i.e. by drinking a lot (2-4 liters per day) and consuming fruits that contain lots of water. Reduce foods that contain a lot of oxalate (for example beets, spinach, sweet potatoes, beans, tea, chocolate, soy), salt, and also animal fat. Never hold back urination, and actively move and exercise every day.

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