Stools Of 1 Year Olds Are Hard And Shaped Like Stones?

Illustration of Stools Of 1 Year Olds Are Hard And Shaped Like Stones?
Illustration: Stools Of 1 Year Olds Are Hard And Shaped Like Stones?

, want to ask. Why well my child from the age of 6 months until now his e.ek likes hard until now a year old. Hard and granular like a stone every time e.ek there are 3 / grains as big as langsat seeds. Already so like it can not stand crying cry And now it’s been running for 4 more days. Please explain 🙏

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Hello Cha,

Thank you for the question.

Child's stool is hard, causing the baby to cry in pain when defecating, usually occurs because:

Dehydration, for example due to lack of drinking, vomiting or excessive sweating
Transition of food consistency, from initially liquid or soft to solid
Lack of motion, too much sitting
Food allergies or malabsorption
Blockage of the gastrointestinal tract, for example due to benign or malignant tumors, volvulus, intussusception
Others, for example digestive infections, metabolic disorders, intestinal inflammation, hypothyroidism, drug side effects, psychological pressure (for example due to too early toilet training), etc.

Although it looks alarming, often this condition is not dangerous. As a first step, try first to do the following trick:

Give the child ASI and drink more water
Give children lots of vegetables and fruits, in addition to other nutritious food variations
Encourage children to actively move, do not be too quiet, do not also give him a gadget too early
Be diligent in doing gentle massage on the baby's abdomen by turning clockwise, then move his feet as if he was pedaling a bicycle so that his digestion was more smooth
Avoid doing toilet training too early (after the age of 2-3 years)
Do not carelessly give children drugs without a doctor's prescription

If your child's condition seems to be getting worse, appearing vomiting, colic, hard stomach, bloody stool, or the child becomes unwilling to eat and drink, do not hesitate to check it directly to the doctor or pediatrician to be treated properly according to the cause huh ..

Hope this helps ...

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