Stools That Are Hard And Small Like Goat Feces?

Illustration of Stools That Are Hard And Small Like Goat Feces?
Illustration: Stools That Are Hard And Small Like Goat Feces? Bing

Sorry, doctor, does the change in stool consistency (small shapes like goat droppings) always indicate colon cancer (have colon cancer) or there are other diseases or other causes that cause the shape of the stool to change like goat droppings, thank you

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Hello Hendra

The form of hard and small stools such as goat feces indicates that the person is constipated. Constipation itself is actually not a disease but a complaint of another medical condition, where constipation most commonly occurs due to lack of fiber intake.

Then the lack of drinking water, the habit of holding back defecation, the effects of certain drugs, being less active, to stress and mental pressure can also cause constipation.

So Hendra doesn't have to worry or worry too much, because what Hendra is experiencing could be constipation due to these common things. Colon cancer has symptoms, one of which is constipation so that the bowel movements are hard and there may be blood as a result of pushing the hard bowel movements eventually injuring the anus, but colon cancer is usually accompanied by a decrease in appetite and weight, the body easily becomes tired and despite experiencing constipation also not infrequently even experience diarrhea

So it would be better if Hendra went to the doctor directly, so that the doctor could evaluate your health condition. A health evaluation consisting of interviews and also a medical examination is very useful for doctors in knowing the source of the causes of bowel movements that become like this, the doctor will also plan treatment and medical actions based on this evaluation.

Then some initial treatments that Hendra can do are

Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits
Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, if you weigh more than 50 kg, your water needs can be more than 2 liters
Regular exercise keeps the body active, so that bowel movements are maintained properly
Don't get used to holding CHAPTER
Manage stress properly

May be useful

dr. Arnold

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