Stop Taking Lutenyl Drugs?

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good afternoon doctor, I am Fitri Yani, 29 years old, not married,u003cbr /u003e before I had excessive menstruation, my bleeding was quite strong per hour. There was no problem with the ultrasound, I was given lutenyl for 10 days, but on the 6th day I stopped taking the drug because my obstruction had stopped, after 5 days it stopped, my obstruction came out little by little every day, according to the doctor, should I continue taking it the drug again or not? While I will be getting married on January 27 2018, I hope that I will not have my period. I need a doctor’s advice..

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Lutenyl has an active ingredient which is a derivative of the hormone progesterone. Giving this type of contraception is actually indicated if you are experiencing continuous bleeding due to hormonal imbalance. By administering this type of hormone, it is most likely that the bleeding that occurs will stop. If you are currently under treatment, you should continue taking the drug in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor who is treating you.

For cycloproginova itself, it also contains reproductive hormones, namely derivatives of estrogen and progesterone, which actually work in almost the same way as birth control pills in general. However, if you really want to replace the two types of pills, you should first consult with your obstetrician to get more detailed information related to your condition.

That's all the information we can convey, I hope it's useful.

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