Storage Period Of Facial Creams After Opening?

Illustration of Storage Period Of Facial Creams After Opening?
Illustration: Storage Period Of Facial Creams After Opening?

Good night. R nI want to ask, is face cream good to use for how long? R nI mean this, my cream from April last year (2017) has not been used up until now. Contents 40ml. I rarely use it. R nCan I still use the cream, should I stop? R nThank you

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Hello Via. Thank you for asking

There are various types of face creams available on the market today, ranging from anti-aging creams, skin lightening creams, moisturizing creams, exfoliators (creams to remove the outer layer of dead skin), basic make-up creams. (foundation) to facial foam (facial cleanser). Unfortunately you didn't mention what kind of cream you used. However, basically every product consumed by humans, whether food, medicine, cosmetics (skin care), supplements and others, is obliged to include the expiration period that has been regulated by the policy provider, namely BPOM (Drug and Food Supervisory Agency) on the product. Expiration means the expiration of a product for consumption. The expiration period for cosmetic products varies from 6 months to 3 years depending on the type of cosmetics. Creams for the face usually have a maximum expiration of 2 years. However, storage and mistreatment can make a product quickly spoil before its expiration date ends.

If you are in doubt whether the face cream is still suitable for use or not or because the expired sticker (writing) is unreadable or missing, you should pay attention to its condition.

Signs of an expired cosmetic product (skincare):

There is a change in color from the original (for example, from white to yellowish or light brown)

The fragrance is replaced with an unpleasant aroma

Changes in texture from solid to liquid or oily

Around the lid grows mushrooms

There are several risks that might occur if you apply expired cosmetics, such as:

Skin irritation, the skin becomes red, sore and develops small spots or feels itchy

Inflammation of the skin

Blistered skin

Acne gets worse if there are already pimples

It would be wise to use cosmetic products before the expiration date, because no one knows what will happen to our skin if we continue to use expired products, especially individuals with sensitive skin.

Some tips for safe facial care:

Be careful in choosing various cosmetic treatments, especially for sensitive skin

Treat it gently when washing your face, because facial skin is softer and more sensitive than body skin

Choose natural ingredients that are safer

Use a scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells, this is to prevent dull skin and acne

Use sunscreen when going out of the house to avoid the effects of ultraviolet rays that can damage the skin such as wrinkles and black spots

Hopefully the information can be useful. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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