Strep Throat And Fever?

Illustration of Strep Throat And Fever?
Illustration: Strep Throat And Fever?

Hello,! I want to ask what medicine is commonly used by doctors to cure strep throat and fever? I have tried natural remedies such as honey and others, but I doubt I will get better with just that. Please guide me

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Hello, thank you for the question to

First of all you should explain in advance when the symptoms of sore throat and fever occur?

Inflammation in the throat and fever is most often caused by a viral infection of the respiratory tract. Viral infections generally do not require any therapy because they will heal by themselves in 5-7 days. If indeed these symptoms you just experienced for less than 5-7 days, then you will be advised to rest more, sleep more, eat soft foods if you experience swallowing pain, drink more, use a humidifier. , rinse with salt water. Consuming honey can also help relieve inflammation in the throat because honey has its anti-inflammatory effect.

If indeed your symptoms do not improve after 5 days, or the symptoms that you experience are very severe such as:

extreme pain when swallowing
enlarged lymph nodes in the neck
seen a layer of vaginal discharge or grayish covering the tonsils or throat
very large and red tonsils
high fever and headache
nauseous vomit
out of breath

You should immediately check yourself to the doctor directly, because these symptoms direct the suspicion of the infection you are experiencing is a bacterial infection. Bacterial infection requires therapy with antibiotics and you can only take antibiotics if you have checked yourself into a doctor directly. It is better not to take antibiotics carelessly because it can cause danger both to yourself and the people around you.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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