Strep Throat And Tightness Are The Symptoms Of Covid-19?

Illustration of Strep Throat And Tightness Are The Symptoms Of Covid-19?
Illustration: Strep Throat And Tightness Are The Symptoms Of Covid-19?

Good night, doc, I have had strep throat for two days, but I don’t have a cough fever and flu. Only my throat feels uncomfortable. It feels like there’s phlegm that is hard to get out, every night, I get a little tight and my fingers feel weak before I never travel. and physical contact with covid-19 sufferers everyday I only work in a factory and always wear a mask and wash my hands. What do I experience including symptoms of covid-19?

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Hello Adzahra,

Thank you for the question.

Discomfort in the throat, such as tightness and sputum that is difficult to get out, accompanied by weakness, can indeed be part of the symptoms of COVID-19 (new Corona virus infection). Even if you feel you have never been in contact with people with COVID-19, if you still frequently travel to the factory where you work, and it is not certain that the factory and on the road when going to your factory are not exposed to COVID-19 sufferers, then your risk for contracting COVID-19 also cannot be removed. It's just that, indeed, most sufferers of COVID-19 will not only feel irritation in the throat and weakness, but also fever.

In addition to COVID-19, other viral or bacterial infections, stomach acid reflux to the throat, dry throat, allergies or irritations, psychological disorders, etc. can also trigger your current complaints.

Our advice, don't panic yet. Try to resolve your complaint by:

 More rest at home. Ask your boss for permission if necessary. Diligent drinking warm water, may also be added ginger or honey Do not be too late to eat Limit first consumption of foods that are spicy, sour, oily, excessive, artificial sweetness, and excessive gassing Limit first consumption of carbonated and caffeinated drinks Limit excessive screaming Stay away from cigarettes Regular exercise take any medication without a doctor's advice. If your complaint just gets worse, or if you have a fever for more than 3 days, tightness and vomiting are great, don't hesitate to get yourself checked by a doctor, right? Some types of drugs your doctor can prescribe to you, or it may also be that the doctor will refer you to an ENT doctor or internal medicine for further treatment.

Hope this helps ...

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