Stroke Numb When Stepping Or Walking Aches?

Illustration of Stroke Numb When Stepping Or Walking Aches?
Illustration: Stroke Numb When Stepping Or Walking Aches?

Hello, I want to ask my mother who is recovering from a stroke right next 5 months, u0026amp; now the feeling of resentment or numbness is recruiting my mother even more compared to last month, located on the soles of the feet and wrists. What is it caused?

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hello monica

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Stroke is a condition in which the symptoms of weakness in the body appear due to a blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Handling of a stroke is with drugs to deal with complaints and prevent risk factors, as well as physiotherapy for rehabilitation and recovery after a stroke.

Someone who has had a stroke can have sequelae such as tingling, weakness, lack of energy, numbness, and persistent paralysis. To overcome this post-stroke complaint requires further treatment by neurologist and medical rehab doctor.

therefore I recommend that your mother continue to regularly take medication from a neurologist and when in control consult about the numb feet and hands that are numb to the neurologist. The doctor will carry out further examinations and provide additional treatment. If necessary, the neurologist will refer you to a medical rehabilitation specialist who can be given physiotherapy to help restore bodily functions.

There are several things you can do at home:

 implement a healthy diet of regular consumption of drugs according to the doctor's advice to do light exercise that can be done so the info we can give may be useful

get well soon for your mother


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