Stroke People’s Appetite?

Illustration of Stroke People’s Appetite?
Illustration: Stroke People’s Appetite?

good afternoon, my mother had a second stroke for 4 months because of a ruptured blood vessel and had to be operated on to bleed in the brain, the condition is currently lying down, still undergoing hospital treatment and therapy as well. what I ask now is my mother’s appetite has increased every time she opened her eyes to ask to eat, then she said she was always hungry, she didn’t have any satiety, she ate porridge, fruit and tempeh. Is it reasonable for a stroke patient to eat like that and is there no limit to the portion of food for a stroke patient every day?

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 Hunger, satiety and appetite are regulated by the brain, namely in the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus has melanicotrin 3 and 4 receptors, the receptors that regulate the portion that should be eaten to make the body full. If there is damage to these receptors which causes a reduction in the number of normal receptors, then the regulation of the portion of the meal becomes chaotic and causes a person to overeat so obese. In addition to these receptors, the hypothalamus also produces the hormone Leptin. Leptin will increase if the stomach is full and then it will give signals to the receptor. So that hunger and appetite go down until it disappears. In addition, there is also the hormone Ghrelin which works in contrast to the hormone Leptin.
 Now, when there is a disruption in the brain part of the hypothalamus, resulting in damage to the melanicotrin 3 and 4 receptors and the hypothalamus fails to produce the hormone Leptin, then control of satiety cannot be formed, causing a person to keep eating even though he has eaten a lot. Maybe this is what happened with your mother.
 It is recommended that your mother consult with a nutritionist, so you know the amount of food each day. To calculate the dose, a thorough check is needed. Your mother should not overeat, but also not lacking. If excessive can make it into obesity so that the risk of recurrent strokes increases. And if less, your mother becomes more difficult to recover or improve from the current condition.
 Thus hopefully useful.

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