Stroke Sufferers Often Vomit?

Illustration of Stroke Sufferers Often Vomit?
Illustration: Stroke Sufferers Often Vomit?

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stroke is a condition that occurs when blood supply to the brain is disrupted or reduced due to a blockage (ischemic stroke) or rupture of blood vessels (hemorrhagic stroke). Without blood, the brain will not get oxygen and nutrition, so cells in some areas of the brain will die. This condition causes parts of the body that are controlled by damaged brain areas to not function properly. Stroke is an emergency condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible, because brain cells can die in just minutes. Quick and appropriate treatment can minimize the level of brain damage and prevent the possibility of complications.

one of the symptoms of stroke with vomiting, vomiting is caused because it increases the pressure in the brain that causes dizziness and vomiting. It has been previously explained where a stroke is caused by a problem in the blood vessels of the brain. causes increased brain pressure and stimulates nerve pain in the lining of the brain. This increased pressure in the skull also plays a role in the emergence of complaints of nausea and spraying vomiting.

while high blood sugar or diabetes have a close relationship with stroke, people with diabetes are prone to complications from cardiovascular disease (including heart and stroke). Excessive blood sugar in blood vessels can cause the formation of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition of the formation of cholesterol blockages in blood vessels, which causes the blood vessels themselves to become stiff. So, it is very natural that people with uncontrolled diabetes are very prone to have blockages in blood vessels, including blood vessels in the brain.

when you successfully exercise good blood sugar control, the chance of having a stroke due to diabetes will certainly be less than those who are unable to control it. This is caused by if your blood sugar is maintained at normal levels, the possibility of atherosclerosis will also decrease. Not only pay attention to the levels of sugar circulating in the blood, paying attention to cholesterol levels and blood pressure will also help diabetes to prevent the risk of stroke due to diabetes.

If any of your relatives experience vomiting complaints, you can do this

 Lay the patient immediately in a safe and flat place, tilt the patient facing right. Immediately call for help, both relatives and the nearest hospital. If the patient vomits, turn her face to the side to drain vomit and prevent vomiting into the respiratory tract. Do not prick the patient's finger to draw blood from the fingertips. This is a myth that circulates to deal with stroke. This action can trigger an infection in the patient's finger. Do not give patients drinks or food when the patient is still in an unconscious condition. for sure you can ask directly by the doctor who handles the stroke, always control the stroke, blood sugar, cholesterol and high blood pressure. so as to prevent re-stoke.

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