Stroke Treatment At 43 Years Of Age?

Illustration of Stroke Treatment At 43 Years Of Age?
Illustration: Stroke Treatment At 43 Years Of Age?

Nyuwun Sewu Doctor, my husband had a stroke 3 years ago, when he was 43 years old. My husband regularly practices tennis once a week and once a week bikes the mountain route. During the stroke my husband’s BB was 77kg and his TB was 168cm. And gradually decreased after the attack so that his weight was 58kg, now it has increased to 67kg. During the direct attack, the ct scan, the left blood vessel burst, and I forgot about the tension during the attack. For after the attack and until now the average blood pressure is 120/100 every day, cholesterol and uric acid are normal, the heart is normal. After the attack, the husband routinely went to the doctor and took acupuncture at xinxe + took his herbal medicine and bird’s nest (so took doctor’s medicine, 1 hour after taking herbal medicine from xinxe) and routine physiotherapy. Before her husband had his right lip tilted, his left eye braked a little, he couldn’t walk and moved his right hand. But after 1.5 months after the attack had started to learn the way. Now his eyes are normal and the same width, but the right lip still feels numb. After being able to cycle, every day my husband regularly rides around 30 minutes, except on Sundays it can take 2 hours (cycling the route up the mountains again, but with less strenuous terrain). For one year, my husband did not want to see a doctor and acupuncture at all and did not want to take medication at all. Physically, the right leg and right hand have not fully recovered. The right foot when walking is not perfect, steps like the left foot and the right foot cannot use sandals without straps (used to step off without being felt), the right hand is still stiff to do the writing movement (but strong to lift the barbell). And his hand hurts to make a circular motion backwards. R nHis memory is still normal, except sometimes forgetting to put down his cellphone, or vehicle keys. R nWith such history and conditions, is there a possibility that his right hand and leg can recover like the other left? Is there a possibility of another stroke? And if it were to happen again, how long could the second strike take after the first? (Based on what happened to other sufferers). I hope I hope it doesn’t happen again. Aamiin r nPlease help and thank you

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Hi Endriana,

Thank you for asking

Stroke is a neurological deficit that can occur in one way or another due to rupture of a blood vessel in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke). This condition is prone to occur in people with hypertension, people who experience head injuries, congenital blood vessel abnormalities in the brain (aneurysms), have brain tumors, diabetes, or have problems with blood clotting (for example due to sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, and a history of drug consumption. anticoagulant drugs).

Hemorrhagic strokes can make sufferers experience severe headaches, vomiting, visual disturbances, speech, weakness in the legs and arms, impaired coordination and balance, seizures, and even decreased consciousness. Clinically, the symptoms of a hemorrhagic stroke often appear more severe than an ischemic stroke (a stroke caused by a blockage of blood vessels in the brain). However, in fact, epidemiologically, if handled quickly and appropriately, the chances of hemorrhagic stroke sufferers to recover and be able to return to normal activities are higher than ischemic strokes.

Recovery after a hemorrhagic stroke can take a short or slow time depending on the severity, extent of tissue damage involved, and how quickly treatment is given. The duration of this recovery can vary from weeks, months, even years. The treatment given can vary, ranging from surgery, administering drugs, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and so on.

Repeated stroke is not an impossible thing to happen. People with a previous stroke have a higher risk of having a repeat stroke at a later date. According to research conducted in America, at least 1 in 4 people who have had a stroke will experience a recurrent stroke at a later date (25 to 35%). The highest risk of recurrent stroke occurs in the first 5 years after the first stroke (40%). And, repeated strokes have a higher potential for death and disability than the first stroke.

In order to prevent the risk of recurring strokes, your husband should take the following tips:

Stop smoking
Regularly control high blood pressure and undergo treatment according to doctor's advice
If your husband also has other risk factors for stroke, such as high blood cholesterol, diabetes, or heart problems, then he should also go to a doctor so that it is well controlled
Improve your diet, namely by reducing foods that contain high calories, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol, eat more vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants and folic acid
Actively moving and exercising
Maintain ideal body weight
Stay away from alcohol

That's the explanation from us. For details, invite your husband to consult directly with a neurologist.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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