Strong Babies Drink Formula Milk.?

Illustration of Strong Babies Drink Formula Milk.?
Illustration: Strong Babies Drink Formula Milk.?

Hello … my baby is not even 1 month … still 24 days … every hour or one hour and a half have been crying for milk … is it reasonable ?? Drinking milk has also gone up to 60ml … Does it have to be accustomed to the baby every 2 hours and then drink ??

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at We understand your confusion. For adults whose lives are more organized, their metabolism tends to remain constant, their activities and body needs are also stable, it is natural to judge that generally eating is 3x a day, and calling eating up to 5x a day is excessive, and eating 1x a day is less. But for babies, it's not that simple.

Babies need a lot of energy to grow and develop, and babies also have different responses depending on whether he was born premature or normal, born large, ordinary or small. There are some babies who are already 'hooked' to suckle from the start, and there are those who look difficult, although both can be equally normal. Therefore, the important thing for babies is not the quantity or number and frequency or level of frequency, but rather the weight gain, whether the increase is still within normal limits or has begun to be excessive.

If it's still normal, then regardless of how many times and how much he consumes, it means that it's enough. If you gain less weight, no matter how much you consume now, you still need to find out why, for example, because there is a hormone imbalance. Conversely, if you gain excess weight, it means that even though he drank a little, it was excessive, and you should look for the cause. And this normal increase will also depend again on body weight at birth, baby age and so forth.

So our advice, if you do not know whether he is still in the normal range or not, you should consult a pediatrician. Your pediatrician can also detect if there are indeed certain abnormalities in your child, and provide the treatment he needs.

In addition, we still need to remind that doctors around the world through the World Health Organization have agreed that the best source of nutrition for babies under 6 months is breast milk. Among the reasons is that formula milk cannot be digested properly by babies, the sweet taste of their products can cause overweight and can trigger allergies.

So with a very young age, our advice would be better if your child continues to consume breast milk, because consumption of breast milk also reduces the potential for obesity or overweight in children. If you experience problems in releasing milk, do not be discouraged and consult your pediatrician or lactation doctor first. And if you cannot give ASI for reasons of opportunity, use the method of breastfeeding. So, hopefully answering your question.

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