Stuffy Nose When Sleeping?

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Illustration: Stuffy Nose When Sleeping? Bing

I’m 20 years old, I have a complaint in my nose from maybe 11 years old, my nose is clogged when I’m sleeping and if I go left I go to the right and when I stand up as usual I’m afraid to check it because it’s normal but if I have the flu I it takes longer to heal, what’s wrong with my nose, I’m afraid why but I’m afraid of the doctor

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From the information you conveyed, complaints of nasal obstruction when lying down in a certain position and following this change in position may be caused by vasomotor rhinitis, which is inflammation of the nasal cavity caused by increased activity of the nervous system.

Complaints that are often encountered can be in the form of nasal congestion with a change in position, not found or rarely found with complaints of sneezing or an itchy nose, and these complaints are increasing with the influence of environmental temperature conditions, especially in the morning.

Some of the triggering factors are:

1. stress

2. air temperature

3. spicy food

4. pungent smell

5. cigarettes and alcohol

6. pungent smell

In general, patients with vasomotor rhinitis can control this complaint, especially if the patient has a mild complaint, and the complaint has not been influenced by many triggering factors. By getting enough rest, or maintaining your body's stamina, it is hoped that this complaint will not bother you every day.

However, if these complaints increase and bother you, you should consult your ENT doctor. The doctor will conduct an examination and evaluation regarding the complaints you feel. Investigations in the form of blood tests or X-rays may be performed to help determine the condition of your respiratory system or nose, as well as to find out other possible causes, such as sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, or nasal obstruction.

Management will be carried out according to the results of the examination obtained.

Thus the information that we can convey, read also vasomotor rhinitis.

dr. Ulfi

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