Stunting In Infants?

Illustration of Stunting In Infants?
Illustration: Stunting In Infants?

Hello, I want to ask. I have a baby born with BB 2500gram, TB 43cm. When I gave birth to the midwife I asked my BB and tb child but the midwife said that my child was at risk of stunting. At that time I gave birth at the hospital because I was referred by the midwife because I told her. Is my son practically stunting because of his birth which is only 43cm.

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Stunting is a condition of disruption in children's growth and development related to diet and nutrition in growth. Stunting itself is a condition in which a child's height is shorter compared to the height of a child his age whose main cause is generally chronic malnutrition.

Several factors influence the stunting condition:

Poor nutrition during pregnancy, and after childbirth
Inadequate nutritional intake in infants to toddlers
Lack of access to health
Limited clean water
Poor sanitation

Therefore what can be done include:

Maintain mother's intake after giving birth or while breastfeeding
Maintain personal and environmental hygiene. Wash your hands regularly, wash your cutlery
Get adequate intake of children from exclusive breastfeeding to supplementary food in accordance with the age of the child
Perform routine and periodic examinations with pediatricians

To get information and further tests on your baby, it would be better if you can check your child to a pediatrician

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