Substitution Of Drugs Without A Doctor’s Prescription.?

Illustration of Substitution Of Drugs Without A Doctor’s Prescription.?
Illustration: Substitution Of Drugs Without A Doctor’s Prescription.?

Good afternoon doctor. I have almost 5 months of control to the spc heart doctor with BPJS. The drugs given are bisoprolol, furosemide, candesartan, miniaspri, hct u0026amp; digoxin. I have to buy atorvastatin myself. Before I had only 6 uric acid control, the more I got here, 12 u0026amp; body in pain. The cardiologist only recommends taking allopurinol without changing my medications. After I found out my high blood pressure drugs triggered an increase in uric acid levels. My question is which drug triggers the fastest increase in uric acid levels u0026amp; Can I replace it with amlodipine because my doctor doesn’t want to change the medicine. Thank you for the help of the doctor.

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Hello Roslena,

Gout that exceeds normal limits and causes complaints occurs because the body produces too much uric acid or because the body has difficulty removing excess uric acid. Increased uric acid levels can indeed be triggered by the consumption of several types of hypertension medications / high blood pressure medications and heart medications. However, an increase in uric acid can also be caused by intake of foods containing high purines (eg red meat, jelly, anchovies, shellfish, tuna, and other seafood), increased production due to complications of several diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, kidney disorders, high cholesterol) .

Increased uric acid can occur due to a combination of several factors above. Meanwhile there are many types of hypertension drugs, some hypertension drugs and heart disease that can trigger an increase in gout including beta blockers, diuretics, cyclosporine, and aspirin. In short-term trials, beta blockers can increase uric acid production, while diuretics make patients urinate more frequently so as to reduce fluid in the body and trigger the formation of uric acid crystals.

Diuretic drugs for example furosemide and HCT, while beta blockers for example bisoprolol. Miniaspi contains aspirin. These drugs can indeed trigger an increase in uric acid, but keep in mind that hypertension medications and heart medications should not be changed or replaced by other drugs themselves. Doctors certainly have their own medical considerations before deciding to give patients the medicine they need. The doctor will consider the benefits and side effects of medication on the patient.

I would suggest that you discuss again with the cardiologist who treats you or can seek a second opinion directly with other cardiologists about the side effects that are felt and options for medications that may be given. Avoid replacing hypertension medication that has been prescribed with amlodipine without the advice of a doctor who checks it out right away.

To help get uric acid levels back to normal, you can do the following tips:

Avoid food that triggers gout

Expand fruits and vegetables
Avoid alcohol consumption
Keep your body weight to be more ideal
Reduce consumption of foods and drinks that are too sweet

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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