Substitution Of Infant Formula?

Illustration of Substitution Of Infant Formula?
Illustration: Substitution Of Infant Formula?

Good evening, I want to ask why my child when the milk change is step 1 to stage 2 dy does not want to be given milk the second stage why yes? Even though stage 1 dy likes it. Please answer 🙏

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Hello Mia,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, how exactly is your baby's age now?

Ideally new babies are introduced with additional milk other than breast milk after the age of 1 year. If your baby is still less than 1 year old, then you should focus first on giving him ASI so that his endurance is maintained, and his nutritional adequacy is well ensured.

Babies do not want to consume certain formulas because it tastes bad or too sharp according to the baby. It could also, do not want your baby to consume certain formula milk because he has allergies, malabsorption, or other digestive disorders after consuming it. Other factors, such as satiety, stale milk, difficulty breastfeeding (for example due to the flow of the pacifier that is too heavy or slow, an uncomfortable breastfeeding position, tongue tie), and so on, cause your baby's condition.

Unfortunately, without checking your baby directly, we cannot be sure of the exact condition that underlies his complaint. However, as we have mentioned above, if your baby's age is still less than 1 year, than dizzy thinking about ways that he would consume formula milk, you should focus on giving him breast milk. If you have problems in breastfeeding, you can consult directly to the lactation counselor. However, if indeed your baby's age is more than 1 year, and your milk is no longer sufficient, then before choosing the right type of formula milk, you should check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician, right? Because, the needs of each milk children can be different, and cannot be generalized.

Hope this helps ...

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