Sudden Stop Breathing For A While In Children Aged 13 Years?

Illustration of Sudden Stop Breathing For A While In Children Aged 13 Years?
Illustration: Sudden Stop Breathing For A While In Children Aged 13 Years?

My child is 13 years old, female. He complained several times he stopped breathing for a while. Under various circumstances, once at school studying again, at home watching TV. But I don’t know for sure if we really can stop breathing for a while? I ask, when the breath stops the chest hurts or not? He said it didn’t hurt but his chest felt tight. Like this time, not long ago he approached me saying he had just stopped breathing. I checked the pulse of his hand, it was rather difficult to find his beat, especially his left hand. What do you think of my child? Is it true what he said if he stopped breathing for a while? Thankyou for the response…

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Hello Wisti,

Thank you for the question.

Breathing naturally becomes a process that goes unnoticed. Stopping breathing for a while can occur due to actions taken consciously, but high levels of carbon dioxide in the body will still force people who hold their breath to return to breathe. So, if this is the condition that your child is experiencing, of course this does not always indicate an illness.

It is likely that if your child's breathing stops disturbing, it does not appear as a form of conscious action, it also causes shortness, then the cause may be related to:

Respiratory disorders, such as asthma, bronchitis, bronchhiolitis, pneumothorax
Heart disorders, such as valve abnormalities or heart rhythms, congenital heart disease
Indigestion, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastritis
Psychological disorders, such as due to panic attacks, somatoform disorders, malingering
Others, such as electrolyte imbalance, side effects of excessive caffeine consumption, the influence of drugs, and so on

We are not authorized to ascertain exactly what conditions your child is experiencing right now without checking it directly. Therefore, if it is true that your child seems very disturbed by his complaints, it is better to check with him directly to the doctor or a pediatrician. At home, you can ask him to:

Recognize what triggers the complaint, then as much as possible avoid these triggers
Don't let children drink excessive caffeinated drinks, including tea, soda, coffee, chocolate, and energy drinks
Encourage children to actively exercise
Feed children regular, little but often, balanced nutritional value
Compress the child's chest which is suffused with warm water
Do not carelessly give children medicine
Make your child calm, accompany him in activities, avoid doing violence to him

Hope this helps ...

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