Suddenly Hot Child ..?

Illustration of Suddenly Hot Child ..?
Illustration: Suddenly Hot Child ..?

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What is the temperature of the mother's child?

Fever is a reaction mechanism of the body when the body faces an external infection. Usually a fever will arise when you have a viral or bacterial infection but it can also arise as a result of =

Dehydration Exposure to excess heat (heat stroke). Be near heat sources of hyperthyroidism Auto immune disease. some types of cancer. Brain tumors that impair body temperature regulation mechanisms. Fever that persists for more than 2 days should get a closer examination. Physical and medical tests need to be done to determine the source of the cause of the body temperature to rise more than normal. Several types of medical tests that can be done such as blood tests, urine tests.

A previous history of measles generally will not make the body temperature rise again after the fever has dropped (already healed while in hospital), measles will generally give symptoms of a high fever which will get higher when the red patches appear but then will subside as the red spots disappear on the skin. skin.

drink plenty of water, take fever reliever medication as recommended by your doctor and get enough rest. If the fever persists for more than 2 days, immediately check back to the doctor.

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