Sufor Which Causes Nausea?

Illustration of Sufor Which Causes Nausea?
Illustration: Sufor Which Causes Nausea?

Hello, my baby is 5 days old. Sya casi sufor, why yes every time after I suckle my child how come the chapter directly nauseous. It is classified as allergic to milk or not suitable for milk and the action I should continue whether I should stop it. Thanks

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You need to know, after giving birth, indeed not all mothers will immediately be able to produce lots of breast milk. However, if this is handled well, this should not necessarily be an obstacle in the process of breastfeeding. Frequently, the milk production process will start smoothly in the first 1-3 days after giving birth provided that you painstakingly breastfeed your baby directly from your breast. In fact, your actions to replace the milk with formula milk can make the baby confused nipples (for example if given through a pacifier) ​​and finally lazy to suckle directly into the breast. As a result, your milk production will decrease until finally it can be used up completely.

The condition of your baby who has direct bowel movements and nausea after breastfeeding may indeed be due to improper milk. Not only allergic, this condition can also occur due to intolerance, malabsorption, or other causes. In addition to the effects of milk, the complaint may also indicate gastrointestinal infections, inflammation of the intestine, or other diseases.

We suggest, before it's too late, try doing relactation (breastfeeding again). The earlier you relact, the greater the potential for success. By breastfeeding your baby ASI, in addition to your baby's nutritional needs are met properly, the risk of digestive disorders, allergies, and infections in the baby will be much reduced. Your weight will shrink faster and the risk of pregnancy is also reduced by breastfeeding this milk.

The following relactation procedures you can go through:

Stop breastfeeding a baby with a pacifier, replace it with a spoon or cup feeder. Frequently feed your baby directly from the breast (every 1-2 hours), do not wait for him to be hungry to become angry and cry loudly and do not want to breastfeed your milk too 1-2 hours to increase production Increase breastmilk production by drinking and eating a variety of whole grains Do not stress Do not also indulge in too much Request support from spouses and other relatives in your home to ease the task of taking care of your baby, while waiting for your milk production increase Not carelessly taking medication Many invite your baby to communicate, so he wants to suckle well for the good of both of you Increase physical contact with your baby If the steps above still have not succeeded in overcoming your breastfeeding problems, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor, pediatrician, or the nearest lactation consultant

I hope this helps.

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