Illustration of Sugar
Illustration: Sugar

Excuse me doc, I want to ask, why do I after consuming sugar (a lot / a little) immediately feel weak, sleepy, dizzy. What is true because of sugar ??? It feels hard to be literate, when forced heart literacy immediately pounding. How do you handle this when the symptoms have occurred?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The condition you are experiencing can be related or not related to sugar consumption. If related, then it could be a sign that you have diabetes or diabetes, and it is a sign that the sugar in your blood levels is too high. In addition, for some people, most of the sugar can also make the heart rate increase and cause a kind of temporary anxiety. This is a temporary symptom and should not be dangerous if it does not happen too often.

Another possibility could also be a normal process because at that time your body is focusing its performance on the digestive tract, so blood flow to the brain decreases and it causes drowsiness. Or it could also be completely unrelated, and the condition you are experiencing is more due to anemia or lack of red blood cells, migraines, lack of fluids, or the like.

However, your condition cannot be ascertained if there is no direct examination by assessing your blood sugar levels, calculating the heart rate per minute, blood pressure and knowing your health history. So if this condition is already very disturbing to you, you should immediately consult a general practitioner for initial checking and treatment, or referred to the appropriate specialist.

But if it is still not too disturbing, the important thing is to live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining ideal body weight, regular exercise, not consuming carbohydrate foods and sweet foods and drinks too much, avoiding cigarette smoke, adequate rest and sufficient daily fluid needs. So, hopefully answering your question.

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