Sunbathing Below Sunlight?

Illustration of Sunbathing Below Sunlight?
Illustration: Sunbathing Below Sunlight?

I want to ask … what is the best time for sunbathing?

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Hello Ina,

Thank you for the question.

Sunbathing is not only good for babies, but also adults. According to many studies, by sunbathing, vitamin D levels in the body can increase, so that the growth of bones and teeth will be more optimal. Open it only, sunbathing is also known to help increase endurance, thin the mucus that accumulates in the respiratory tract, also makes the body more relaxed.

However, you need to be more careful in sunbathing. Because, if not done properly, sunbathing can actually make you experience health problems, for example, black spots, sun burn, dehydration, heat stroke, and even skin cancer. To minimize the risk of these health problems, it is recommended to:

Bask in the morning sun (before 9 o'clock) or evening (after 16 o'clock)
Use sunscreen that contains an SPF of at least 30 before sunbathing
Also use anti-UV glasses to protect your eyes
No need for too long sunbathing (just around 30-60 minutes)
Drink plenty of food and have enough while sunbathing

Hope this helps ...

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