Sunlight In The Morning Actually Dangerous For Health?

Illustration of Sunlight In The Morning Actually Dangerous For Health?
Illustration: Sunlight In The Morning Actually Dangerous For Health?

Quoting from K *, Dr. dr. Tan Shot Yen, M. Hum said: “It’s still 7 o’clock in the morning, 6 o’clock, half past 6, there is already sun. Sunlight called ultraviolet A waves that can enter the surface of the earth. Well, ultraviolet A is what we want to avoid precisely , because it causes cancer and we mark it causes wrinkles, “and also: ” What we really need is ultraviolet B. This wave of Ultraviolet B is shorter. So that’s why we have to wait a little for the sun to rise. There is. So that is the reason we hang out at 10:00, “Is that right? Is it true that only UVA is present in the morning sun? While in several articles on I read that basking in direct sunlight should be below 10. (* whereas for me the time to exercise if adjusted for working hours is before 9 and after 4 o’clock. Many people become less able to exercise if those hours are dangerous)

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Hello Christoffel, thank you for asking Hello doctor

Ultra Violet (UV) light is sunlight reaching the earth. There are several types of UV rays, which are commonly known are UV A and UV B. If humans are exposed to excessively by these two rays, it will have an adverse effect on health.

Most exposure to sunlight is UV A because the waves are the longest and the exposure can spread through the surface layer of the skin. UV A rays when exposed to the skin for a long time can cause long-term skin damage, namely wrinkles, premature aging, and increase the risk of skin cancer. While UV B can help the body get vitamin D. But UV B can also cause negative effects, namely cataracts, sunburned skin, and skin cancer.

Many benefits of the sun produced if we bask in the sun, including:

Increasing vitamin D production
Boosts the immune system
Improve sleep quality
Overcoming several skin diseases
Prevents depression
Reducing the risk of cancer

So that the benefits generated by sunlight can be maximized, then sun exposure does not need to be too long. The right sunshine and not too hot is below 10:00. So that when we sunbathe above 10:00, the sun has been rising and blazing. If there is too much exposure, it is feared that it will cause negative effects from UV rays. Soak for 5-15 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Also use sunscreen if the sun is too hot to protect the skin from excessive sunlight.

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