Supplement For Pregnant Women

Illustration of Supplement For Pregnant Women
Illustration: Supplement For Pregnant Women

Good afternoon doc .. I am Andina, 34 years old, currently pregnant with her third child and based on calculations has just entered week 6. Because of a pandemic like this I have not dared to go to a SPOG doctor or midwife. In the meantime I am guided by a history of previous pregnancy to consume blood enhancing tablets (Sangobion) and Calcium (Cavid D3). In the blood booster tablet there is already an origin of 1 mg of folate, do I need to take other folic acid supplements too? if necessary the levels are 400 mcg or 1000 mcg huh doc? And approximately when I have to check myself the first time with the condition of this pregnancy. Please instructions. thanks.

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Hello Andina, thank you for asking at

Folic acid is very important for pregnancy to prevent anemia due to folic acid deficiency, reduce the risk of preeclampsia, help to keep the fetus as long as the womb remains optimal, reduce premature births and prevent fetal defects.

Recommended daily intake of folic acid in pregnant women is not to exceed 1000 mcg where this need can be met not only through the consumption of supplements alone because many food sources that contain folic acid naturally such as:

 Roasted peanuts where 30 grams is equivalent to 40 mcg of folic acid Oranges where 150 grams of orange are equivalent to 50 mcg of folic acid Asparagus boiled where 60 grams is equivalent to 90 mcg of folic acid Boiled spinach where 95 grams is equivalent to 115 mcg of folic acid Cow liver where 85 grams equivalent to 215 mcg of folic acid. The use of folic acid and iron supplements should be based on the doctor's recommendations after examining your current pregnancy condition, it is not recommended to take these supplements based only on your previous pregnancy experience because every pregnancy is not necessarily the same.

Because of the government's recommendations regarding a pandemic and also your current condition is not considered an emergency condition, you are indeed allowed to postpone checking your pregnancy. However, to determine whether you need folic acid supplementation or not and what is the recommended dosage, you can consult further with an obstetrician through the direct chat feature with a specialist on the application so that your supplement dose is appropriate.

In the meantime, while delaying the consumption of supplements until there is further advice from your obstetrician, it is highly recommended that you consume foods that are rich in folic acid as mentioned above in order to ensure that your intake of folic acid remains adequate even without taking supplements.

I hope this helps.

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