Supplement Recommendation?

Illustration of Supplement Recommendation?
Illustration: Supplement Recommendation?

Guess what supplements or drugs that contain vitamin C can help maintain the body’s immunity to avoid corona virus

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Hello Nadhifa,

Thank you for the question.

So far, COVID-19 (a disease caused by the Corona virus) is not yet known for its definitive treatment. However, like other viruses, this virus can be resisted with good endurance. Through good endurance, your risk of becoming seriously ill after exposure to the virus will be smaller. So, how do you make your immune system increase?

The immune system is formed through a complex process. Therefore, increasing endurance is not enough just to rely on consumption of drugs or supplements. Consumption of any supplement, especially if it is done long term, should still be carried out under the supervision of a doctor, bearing in mind that the needs of supplements for each person can be different. Not only vitamin C, so that the immune system increases, other nutritional variants must also be fulfilled. So, only armed with an online consultation like this, it is not appropriate if we give you a recommendation on the type of supplement that is best for you to use.

Naturally, in order to improve endurance, in addition to taking supplements, you are advised to:

Get enough sleep (6-9 hours a day)
Eat a variety of healthy foods and balanced nutritional value and drink plenty of water
Take time to eat fruits
Improve personal hygiene and the environment around you
Don't stress too much
Regularly exercise, at least 30 minutes a day
Stay away from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol

That's all our explanation. If you need additional supplements, you better check with the nearest doctor huh ..

I hope this helps.

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