Illustration of Supplement
Illustration: Supplement

Doc is the right vitamin for skin that does not make fat, which is between Asthin forche 4 … private plus and Astina … because I get these vitamins from three different forms of skin … which is better for the skin from the three that can’t be fat and scligus bs for endurance

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Hello Quinandita, thank you for asking at

The three supplement brands that you are asking about, basically have the same content, namely Astaxanthin, which is a natural ingredient that is present in some food ingredients such as shrimp, crab, lobster and salmon that functions as a component that can provide anti-aging effects, especially on the skin.

Some of the anti-aging effects caused by this material are as:

 Antioxidants to fight free radicals especially on the skin Anti-inflammation (anti-infalamasi) Improve the function of skin immunity Helps repair skin cell damage Apart from being an additional supplement to protect the skin, astaxanthin can also be used as adjunctive therapy in several conditions with certain doses such as in:

 Parkinson's Alzheimer's Disease Patients with metabolic syndrome Male infertility Reducing menopausal symptoms Reducing damage to post-exercise muscle cells Because the three supplement brands that you are asking for basically have the same right, then it doesn't matter which of your brands you choose, because it will give the same effect and way of working on your body. You can adjust the selection to your personal preferences.

Regarding the effect of using this supplement on body weight, in general it does not increase weight, even in some studies, the use of astaxanthin with a certain dose can actually help in someone losing weight.

If later you have chosen one of the brands, it is highly recommended to use it in accordance with your doctor's recommended dosage and not change the dosage based on the decision or recommendation of other people who are not doctors.

I hope this helps.

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