Supplements For Pregnant Women Infected With Toxo.?

Illustration of Supplements For Pregnant Women Infected With Toxo.?
Illustration: Supplements For Pregnant Women Infected With Toxo.?

good afternoon. sata is 19w pregnant. 2 months ago I checked toxo and the result was suspected to be an acute infection with iGg (+) 386.8 and igM (+) 6.41 .1 mth ago I checked again the antitoxoplasma igG avidity result was High avidity 61.5. My obstetrician suggested taking spiramicin and folic acid. but I ask for a replacement because of the drug class C spiramicin, I’m afraid of the effect on the fetus. then the obstetrician suggested to take imboost force which I read on the website there is a statement that pregnant and lactating women should avoid the inboost force. I want to ask a second opinion from the doctor how should I … is it safe if I am 19w pregnant taking imboost force or are there other alternatives to handle it? for a while I have been routinely eating papaya and eating oats (oatmeal) which has a natural zinc content to fight the toxo virus. Is the way I do it right? or how should I handle it? .. I hope the doctor is willing to answer, thank you doctor. Barakallahu fiikum

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Basically positive IgG and IgM toxoplasma indicate the possibility of acute or chronic infection (indistinguishable). Therefore, if IgG and IgM are both positive, a person will be advised to carry out avidity IgG examination. Your high IgG avidity test results show that your toxoplasma infection is an infection in the past (the infection occurred at least 3 months back).

However, because the examination was done 1 month ago (maybe at 15 weeks of gestation), there is still a possibility that you have an infection right before you become pregnant or early in your pregnancy. If indeed the diagnosis has been made at the time of your gestational age <18 weeks, then giving Spiramycin is rational enough to do. This drug is given until the results of the additional examination is a PCR examination of amniotic fluid (through amniocentesis or amniotic fluid collection) after a gestational age of more than 18 weeks to see if there is an infection in your baby.

If the results of the PCR test are positive, then the therapy is continued with administration ofrimethamine-sulfadiazine plus folinic acid to delivery. If the results of PCR tests are negative, then depending on the clinical decision of your obstetrician, treatment with pyrimethamine-sulfadiazine plus folinic acid can be continued, or stopped. After 18 weeks of gestation, administration of pyrimethamine-sulfadiazine plus folinic acid has been shown to be more effective in preventing congenital toxoplasma infections compared with therapy with Spiramycin alone. If it is decided to stop, it is advisable to have a periodic ultrasound examination to see the possibility of certain abnormalities in the fetus.

Giving Spiramycin or pyrimethamine-sulfadiazine does have its own risks, but again, clinical consideration is needed to determine whether the benefits of drug administration will outweigh the risk of side effects. You should try to seek a second opinion from other obstetricians to find out more clearly the therapeutic options you have.

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