Supplements To Maintain Endurance?

Illustration of Supplements To Maintain Endurance?
Illustration: Supplements To Maintain Endurance?

good morning, I’m rochmadi 23 years old. the first, lately I feel often tired, ankles are often aching. my body often does not fit and has a cold for days. guess besides sports, what should I do. and what supplements are good for maintaining my immunity

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Hi Indah .. Thank you for the question.

To keep your body fit, healthy and fit there are several things you can do including:

Eat nutritious foods
Enough rest
Exercise regularly and don't let the body just sit without activity
Drink enough water every day
Do not smoke, do not consume alcohol
You can consume supplements and vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, which is pretty much sold in general
Consume enough vegetables and fruit
Avoid stress

If you experience vomiting of blood, you need to be careful because vomiting of blood can be caused by gastric injury, ulcers / sores in the duodenum, inflammation of the esophagus, gastritis / inflammation of the stomach. If you have a history of gastric pain and still experience vomiting black blood then you should see a doctor of internal medicine so the doctor can do a direct examination and can be supported by blood checks, endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound or other examinations according to the results of physical examination. The good thing you eat regularly, avoid late eating, avoid foods that stimulate the stomach (for example: sour and spicy foods, soft drinks, which contain caffeine), avoid psychological stress.

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