Supporting Examination Results?

Illustration of Supporting Examination Results?
Illustration: Supporting Examination Results?

Greetings. R nPlease help explain the results of my lab examination free T4 1.35 and TSHs 0.948 r nThank you for the explanation.

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In principle, the results of supporting examinations alone cannot be used to establish a diagnosis, but must also be supported by physical examination and exploration of the history of the disease by a doctor.

In your case we can only provide interpretation of the results of investigations, but we cannot provide a definitive diagnosis based only on supporting examination of the results of the thyroid examination without physical examination and history.

Free t4 and TSH tests are used to determine the function of the thyroid gland. This examination is carried out to determine whether a person has thyroid gland disease in the form of excess thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism) or lack of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism).

Free t4 normally ranges from 0.8-2.8 ng / ml. TSH normally ranges from 0.3-5 U / ml. This range can vary slightly from one laboratory to another. So it's good to refer to the normal range of laboratories where you do the examination. Usually on paper the results of laboratory examinations are already listed as normal, so you can match the results.

The results you describe show that your TSH, fT4 levels are still in the normal range (based on the range we mentioned, but it's good to make sure it matches the normal range of thyroid examination in the laboratory where you are examining).

However, as I said before, to establish and ensure the diagnosis must be supported by physical examination and a history or history taking to establish the diagnosis.

For this reason, if a thyroid hormone test is supported by a doctor's direction, you should go back to the doctor to discuss the results combined with a history of the disease and a physical examination carried out by the doctor. However, if the examination is on your personal initiative, it is better after you know the results, check with your doctor for in-depth interviews, and a physical examination of your complaints to be combined with the results of investigations so that diagnosis conclusions can be drawn. If the diagnosis is known, of course you will be treated according to the underlying cause.

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