Sure Signs Of Pregnancy And How To Calculate Gestational Age?

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My doctor has been waiting for this pregnancy for 3 years. Alhmdulillh on 23 January 18 I tested the pack 4 times and the results were positive. I had my last period on December 25th and it stopped on December 31st.. if you look at the date, I’m already how many weeks pregnant. because I want ultrasound. but i don’t know how many weeks. If it’s still week 3, I haven’t seen the ultrasound yet. Oh yes, I don’t sleep well every night because I always think about empty pregnancies. I understand that I have been waiting for 3 years for the arrival of the baby. how can i overcome my excessive worry.. thanks

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Early signs of pregnancy can be confirmed by a peck test, if the results are positive, pregnancy may occur. Early pregnancy symptoms include:

body temperature increases from body temperature usually tired easily for no apparent reason breasts feel denser, sensitive, and tighter nausea and vomiting, nausea and vomiting usually more frequent in the morning frequent urination more sensitive to smells mood changes To ensure During your pregnancy, you can also do a urine test, namely a pregnancy test by checking the HCG hormone, and an ultrasound examination. From the date of your period, your gestational age is calculated from the first day of your last period, which is December 25th. If calculated from that date your gestational age is about 6 weeks. We recommend that you check your condition with a gynecologist, in the early weeks of pregnancy if it has not been seen with an abdominal ultrasound, a transvaginal ultrasound examination will be recommended.

There are several ways to deal with excessive worry, including:

reduce foods and drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee, tea, soft drinks. a healthy diet that is 4 healthy 5 perfect, multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit a regular diet, don't be late eating light exercise such as yoga can help to relax more listen to music try to sleep on time read things related to reducing excessive anxiety, determine the age of the fetus hopefully it will be useful, thanks


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