Surgery For Patients With Lung Infections?

Illustration of Surgery For Patients With Lung Infections?
Illustration: Surgery For Patients With Lung Infections?

Assalammu’alaikummussalam, u003cbr u003I was a child who suffered from respiratory illness when I was a child when I was swimming I drowned and drank a lot of water and ended up in intensive care in the RS (parent word) he said the pneumonia but because of the little watu I didn’t think too much about my health not to consult the doctor again, after getting bigger (high school) I just / always felt dizzy in the middle of the head close to the tip of the nose and eyebrows pus also hurts, when prostration seems to want to fall, and when to the doctor (oh, if this is sinus) so I feel a little happy there and also sad because the tightness that I have is not from pneumonia but I am also sad because of another new disease that I have, namely sinus, – and with the advice of the doctor finally operated on (only a few months did not feel the pain) finally after about 2 years from the time of operation I consulted the doctor again and the doctor’s advice was ordered to do the surgery again (with various propositions shown doctor) but thank God the sinuses are gone without ever having a headache which is very very machete on my head, but I wonder why I have surgery but my breath is still very tight, and finally with my mate we are consul again but now the consul is not in I was a specialist from childhood (ENT), which is a specialist in internal medicine, and the doctor said pneumonia, – just bounce, my immune is not like my friends, I am faster tired even though my hobbies are all sweating (climbing, futsal, jogging, etc. ) but still, I can’t force my will when I’m tired even what makes me feel inferior is my voice that always stops, and my breath isn’t as strong as people in general, and the worst is that I’m often tense, trembling, a lot of deh is possible is it all due to a lung infection? mucus every day comes out, just when the doctor SP Disease in giving medicine thank God effective eh after it has recurred again, I really want to be taken more action such as surgery can it be done? so that this disease is completely healed and I want to have a voice and breath like people in general, even though all this is already the destiny of ALLAH allah, but as a servant I must try, but in terms of eating thank God very strong hehe even I can not follow the doctor’s advice to stay away from a variety of food / drink models (because it is DIFFERENTLY) (a short story in my life) now my age wants to reach 20, God willing, thank you hopefully in the ballad u003cbr u003e Wa’alaikummussalam

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Wa'alaikumsallam Afwah.

Basically pneumonia is an infection of the lung tissue. This infection can be caused by various microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or even parasites. The pathway of entering microorganisms can be accidentally inhaled by sputum sputum containing microorganisms, through injury, and so on. In addition, exposure to certain chemicals, aspirations of foreign bodies (such as river water due to drowning), exposure to extreme temperatures, can also cause pneumonia. Symptoms are generally in the form of high fever, difficulty breathing, coughing, chest pain, and sometimes accompanied by decreased awareness (in severe cases).

However, pneumonia is generally acute, in a matter of days or weeks. Generally pneumonia does not continue for years, because the lung tissue will be damaged and die. If you get a diagnosis of pneumonia, then it is possible that the pneumonia you are experiencing is a repeat attack. In addition, it is also possible that you may experience:

Bronchitis asthma.
Allergic rhinitis.
Chronic lung infections other than pneumonia, such as pulmonary TB, fungal infections, or irritations caused by chemicals.
Lung mass.

If your diagnosis is not related to lung mass, then no surgery is recommended. Pulmonary infection requires proper and routine treatment with drugs and measures, but not in the form of surgery.

Therefore, you should consult regularly with a lung doctor. You can also ask for a second opinion from a lung doctor at another hospital. The doctor may need to conduct supporting examinations such as:

Chest X-ray.
CT scan or MRI.
TB test.
Analysis of blood samples.

In addition, you should improve ventilation and irradiation of homes and rooms. Avoid piling up items so as not to dust. Avoid cigarettes and pollution (use a mask when driving or working). Regular exercise 3-5 times a week. Note whether your shortness of breath arises at certain times, for example after eating certain foods.

Thus my brief explanation. Hopefully you can find the right solution soon. Regards.

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