Surgical Stitches That Open Again?

Illustration of Surgical Stitches That Open Again?
Illustration: Surgical Stitches That Open Again?

I had a Caesarean section in August 2017, was re-linked again in October 2017 because the obstetrician said the infection. After resurfacing, a few months later the surgeon referred him, because the wound opened up again a little. It has been checked for blood, X-rays, until the fluid in the stomach has been tested. The results are normal. Is it true that if you have a caesarean section, do you like someone who is hard like ngebagel above? Please info. Thank you

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Good morning, thanks for asking at A cesarean section is an operation that is performed when the baby cannot be delivered vaginally or through normal delivery. This can not be caused by various reasons, including abnormalities of the baby's condition, abnormalities of the mother's condition, or complications in the delivery process itself. Some people have a cesarean section even though there isn't any indication of complication, just for the sake of date or appearance. This is actually not recommended, because caesarean section also has a big risk.

Among the risks that can be experienced by a person having a cesarean section are sutures that do not close. Sutures that don't close can be caused by insufficient number of stitches, not strong suture knots, bacterial infection, or physical activity that is done prematurely such as walking, lifting weights, coughing or sneezing too hard, and so on.

In your case, what your gynecologist is doing is right by referring you to a surgeon when the problem of not closing your scar can't be solved. And with normal results, it means you also don't have an infection, one of the most dreaded postoperative complications.

Then regarding your question, normally, none of the surgical scars have hardened. As for what you are experiencing, it could be the result of repeated stitching because the previous stitches fell off. It could also happen as a way for your body to recover from wounds, such as in keloids.

However, to avoid misunderstanding, we suggest asking the surgeon who treated you again about it if the condition really bothers you. If it doesn't bother you, in our opinion it is not dangerous and you don't need to worry, especially because you have also undergone various examinations and the results are normal.

Meanwhile, keep living a healthy lifestyle by exercising and resting regularly, consuming lots of water and eating lots of vegetables and fruits. And avoid stress as well as cigarette smoke. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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