Surgical Suture Scars Over 17 Years Are Painful?

Illustration of Surgical Suture Scars Over 17 Years Are Painful?
Illustration: Surgical Suture Scars Over 17 Years Are Painful? Bing

Evening,rnI confiscate , 23 street 24 years old. Not married yet. Back then when I was about 5/6 years old, I had a knotted bowel surgery.rnNow sometimes there is pain in the middle of the stitches. My stomach also feels tighter like it’s pulled. The pain sometimes appears, sometimes not. Sometimes once a few months, sometimes really, sometimes not.rnUsually, what’s the cause?rnThank you

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Hi Silta,

Thank you for asking

The knotted bowel you are referring to is probably a volvulus. This condition can cause blockage in the digestive tract which is a form of medical emergency.

The definitive treatment for volvulus is surgery. This operation is performed by cutting the knotted segment of the intestine. To perform this procedure, the doctor will generally make an incision in your abdomen, then the operation can be performed using a laparotomy (open surgery) or laparoscopic (surgery with the help of a tube connected to a small camera).

After surgery, to close the surgical scar, the body normally forms scar tissue (fibrous). In contrast to normal skin tissue which has high elasticity, scar tissue does not have good stretchability. This condition can trigger pain, especially if you make excessive movements that involve contraction of the abdominal muscles, for example when coughing, laughing, straining, lifting heavy objects, going up and down stairs too much, and so on.

It could also be that the abdominal pain around the stitches you are experiencing occurs due to other reasons, such as infection of the surgical site, Herpes zoster, folliculitis (hair root infection), irritant contact dermatitis, myalgia (muscle pain), urinary tract infection, bladder stones. Urinary tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome, dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), ovarian cysts (fluid-filled sacs in the ovaries), endometriosis (abnormal growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus), premenstrual syndrome, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

If the pain is mild in intensity, chances are your condition is not dangerous. However, if the pain is so severe that it makes it difficult for you to carry out your activities, or is also accompanied by fever, vomiting, urinary disturbances, or menstruation, then you should immediately see a doctor. Physical examination and support, such as x-rays, ultrasound , or laboratory tests the doctor will likely do to determine the best treatment.

To prevent recurring pain, we recommend that you limit activities that cause excessive abdominal muscle contraction (as mentioned above) and maintain an ideal body weight so as not to cause excessive abdominal stretching. Choose clothes and pants that are comfortable and not too tight, especially in the stomach. Diligently exercise, keep the body clean, and reduce foods that irritate the digestive tract.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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