Surgical Wounds Still Produce Pus, They Are Swollen And Have Not Dried?

Illustration of Surgical Wounds Still Produce Pus, They Are Swollen And Have Not Dried?
Illustration: Surgical Wounds Still Produce Pus, They Are Swollen And Have Not Dried?

Hi, on the 29th of January I operated on bartolini cysts and labia skin tags. When I was in control, the two stitches were not seen by Dr. Bobgyn who performed the surgery, but were given vit c. ops labia skin tag slightly swollen, bleeding mixed pus, what is it reasonable? Or do you have to do ops again? If you can treat yourself, what medicine or ointment should I use for the first treatment?

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Hello Arinarina,

Surgical incision wounds require periodic maintenance to help with wound healing and tissue repair, especially where the incision is in an area that is prone to infection. If not treated and prevented infection, surgical wound infections can occur. This condition can occur during the recovery period after surgery or within 30 days after surgery. Symptoms that can be caused are redness, fever, pain, swelling, pain, burning sensation, pus and blood, appear bandage like a seepage, give off certain odors and other symptoms.

In this case, it is necessary to evaluate the postoperative wound suffered to see whether there is an infection that arises and a direct examination by a doctor. Further tests can also be carried out such as by taking a liquid sample for bacterial culture if needed. The handling itself is by the treatment and cleaning of wounds, administering drugs both antibiotics and topical medications to deal with if an infection occurs, or other necessary medical measures. Avoid self-medication to prevent more severe infections and care for unsterile wounds that can trigger other infections and complications from infections.

Strive to keep the wound clean after surgery to avoid infection, if you use a bandage do regular maintenance, do not forget to regularly change clothes and underwear, try to be in a cool place and use clothes that are not tight, and make efforts to support recovery such as by taking drugs according to doctor's orders and eating nutritious foods especially those containing protein to help heal post-operative wounds.

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