Suture Wound?

Illustration of Suture Wound?
Illustration: Suture Wound?

Excuse me, a month ago I had an accident in Ciamis, my lips were torn and received a dozen stitches. After more than 1 month, I just realized that there were still stitches left in my lips, like they had been planted and were not visible. what is the best solution for me at this time, if I have to take the thread again, what kind of policy should I come to, what kind of policy is it, what actions will be taken later, and what risks will I get if it is not taken immediately. Thank you in advance

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Hi Faishal,

Thank you for asking

It needs to be clarified beforehand, if the stitch marks have been embedded and are no longer visible from the outside, then how do you know that there are stitches left? Are there any other complaints you feel?

To deal with a tear in a large area of ​​the face, the doctor will generally perform sutures. This suture is done so that the skin can hold together better and not cause excess scar (scar tissue) that could affect the appearance. This suture can be done using absorbable sutures or threads that must be removed manually (non-absorbable) after the scar has fused. Which thread did the doctor use to stitch up your previous wound?

If the thread used to sew your wound is absorbable, leaving the thread in the skin is certainly not a dangerous thing. The thread will self-absorb, so there won't be any serious side effects.

However, if the thread used to sew your wound is non-absorbable, then if this thread is left in the skin, you can experience symptoms of inflammation, for example itching, swelling, pain, etc. in the stitched wound.

Presumably, the leaving of the thread in the skin needs to be confirmed first by direct examination of a doctor. Therefore, you can directly visit a general practitioner or surgeon at the nearest health facility. If there are no signs of inflammation that appear, and there are no other complaints that you experience around the surgical scar, then there is probably no need for special treatment other than observation.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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