Suture Wound Care After An Accident That Drains Pus?

Illustration of Suture Wound Care After An Accident That Drains Pus?
Illustration: Suture Wound Care After An Accident That Drains Pus?

hello …. my name is annisa r nI recently, about 10 days ago I fell … so that my little finger nail disappeared and had to be sewn …. after the stitches were opened … it didn’t work … instead fester. r n1. what should i do to clean properly? r n2. how to deal with swelling in the soles of his feet?

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Hello Annisa, thank you for asking

Suturing the wound is one of the methods or techniques used to close open wounds that are wide and deep enough. The suture wound healing process also takes time until the stitches close the wound, and so when the stitches are opened the wound is closed. However, there are several things that can hinder the healing of the wound, the wound actually appears pus or does not close. Usually the condition results from an infection due to inappropriate previous wound care.

If pus appears on your jahiyan wound, it could be due to an infection. We recommend that you consult the doctor who has sutured your wound again for further review and evaluation. If you have a fever, the wound gets worse, the wound becomes perforated, and continues to drain pus, you don't need to hesitate to immediately go to the doctor at the nearest health facility.

Here are some ways to care for your stitches to stay safe, namely:

Avoid changing the bandage in the first 24 hours of suturing the wound, then after 24 hours you can open the bandage and replace it with clean or sterile gauze.
Clean the wound twice a day by replacing the dirty bandages, besides that, around the suture wound can also be cleaned with water and soap after that you can give antiseptic or betadine.
Consumption of drugs that have been given by the doctor, antibiotics must be finished as directed by the doctor. If given antibiotic nsalep, apply it to the suture wound after cleaning it.
Avoid getting dust or other dirt on the stitches.
Make sure the stitches are dry, avoid exercising, while bathing, avoid stitches so that they are not exposed to the flow of water for too long.
Avoid suture wounds from exposure to direct sunlight especially in the first 6 months
Control to the doctor to evaluate the suture wound and approximately the right time for the stitches to be opened (not all stitches in the wound must be opened, some types of sutures in the suture wound can be self-absorbed), opening stitches is only done by a competent medical personnel.
Adequate rest and food with good nutrition, both of these things can help the wound healing process

Swelling in the wound area can be a sign of inflammation of the tissue around the suture wound due to an infection, besides swelling it can also cause pain, if the swelling is related to a suture wound you can do temporary things such as:

Resting the swollen leg, not moving the leg
Compressing the feet with a cold towel
If you have pain, you can take pain medications such as paracetamol

Or then for suture wound care you can read the following article: Caring for Stitch Wounds to Stay Safe

However, if the swelling is getting worse, and does not improve, and you find dysfunction, for example disturbing you walking, or standing, limited movement should immediately consult the nearest doctor for further examination. Swelling can also be a sign of a fracture or fracture. Apart from direct examination, x-rays may also be performed on the affected part. And if not treated quickly, it can cause complications and bone healing is not perfect.

So many answers from us, hopefully useful.

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