Swallowed Bark Fruit Skin?

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Good morning doctor, my name is Merry, I’m 18 years old, I want to ask you at that time I ate the salak fruit, but because I wanted to hurry, I unconsciously swallowed the skin of the bark fruit, I have followed all the methods on Google but it still doesn’t work and it was very painful, so I want to ask the doctor for advice what to do ?? Is it possible to remove it without surgery?

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Hello Merry Diana,

Do you mean barking skin repetition is that you feel sore throat or a lump in your throat after swallowing the bark? Sometimes when you eat in a hurry, you can swallow parts that shouldn't be eaten such as fish spines, fruit skins, or fruit seeds (swallowing foreign objects). Such conditions can cause discomfort, pain, blockage, and like something stuck in the throat. Sometimes if a foreign object is stuck causing an injury, there can also be infection and inflammation.

In some cases, swallowed fruit skin can go down into the digestive tract, digested, then expelled from the body during defecation so that it does not cause significant problems. In some cases, if the skin of the fruit is visible, the skin of the fruit can be removed. However, if there is still pain or blockage while the skin of the fruit is not visible, a doctor's direct examination is needed to find the stuck fruit skin and remove it with a special tool.

If at this time you still feel lumpy or sore in your throat, I suggest that you go to the emergency room or an ENT doctor so that further tests can be done to determine whether the bark skin is still stuck or not and then you can be given proper treatment. You don't need to worry first, the operation is generally only done if the foreign object swallowed is a sharp object and there is a risk of injuring an internal organ, for example being swallowed by a needle, pin, or hard and sharp thorn. In many cases, the handling of ingesting foreign objects is sufficient by observing and extracting foreign objects using special tools. Medicines are given if there are complaints to the patient.

While waiting to see the doctor, you should eat foods that are easy to swallow to reduce pain complaints.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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