Sweating After Exercise Is It Healthy?

Slmt mlm … If after exercising sweat is it already called healthy ??

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Sweating is a physiological mechanism for removing excessive heat from the body. When you exercise, your metabolism will increase and this metabolism will produce body heat. One of these body heat will be released through sweat. Sweating when you exercise only indicates that your body's heat dissipation mechanism is functioning properly, but it cannot be an indicator that you are healthy or unhealthy.

Everyone is advised to exercise (with moderate intensity) regularly for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to keep the body healthy and fit. When you do moderate intensity exercise, you will feel your heart beat faster, your breath will be faster, you can still talk, but you cannot sing. Sweating can not be used as the only sign that you have exercised enough or not. If you exercise in a cooler room or in a place where the humidity is very low, you might not sweat or sweat but not too much.

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