Swelling Accompanied By Bruises On The Scalp And Its Relation To Hair Loss?

Illustration of Swelling Accompanied By Bruises On The Scalp And Its Relation To Hair Loss?
Illustration: Swelling Accompanied By Bruises On The Scalp And Its Relation To Hair Loss? birthinjuryhelpcenter.org

I want to ask last month we were married. Istrisaya’s head was decorated with heavy decoration, causing swelling / bruising on the head. After a month later in the swollen / bruised area there was a loss. If you may know what the cause is and what is the first step to overcome it

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Hair loss is a decrease in the amount of hair on the head or also called alopecia. This condition is often and is experienced by every person. Actually this hair loss can be a reasonable condition if you lose 100 hairs per day. But if excessive, sometimes there are medical reasons that cause hair loss.

Here are some of the factors that cause hair loss that is anchored like:

Hormonal changes, usually in men over the age of 50 years or women who have experienced menopause due to the hormone progesterone Poor nutritional intake can cause strands of hair to grow thinner and brittle Substances, for example due to exposure to chemicals such as shampoos and treatments erroneous hair such as coloring hair and straightening it permanently makes the hair shaft more susceptible to psychological breakdown, for example stress can cause sufferers to experience thinning hair on the head and usually this loss is only temporary Side effects of certain medications Other medical conditions such as diabetes, toroidal disorders, autoimmune diseases and so on. Swelling and bruising on the head that occurs in your wife can be caused by trauma, such as injury due to hair decoration such as pressure due to hair decoration, or abrasions that cause local reactions in the form of swelling and irritation of the skin. For the middle part on the swollen and bruised part you can compress it with a towel soaked in cold water and then compress it on the swollen part. For hair loss usually if the injury is only temporary, and usually the hair will grow back to normal later.

In kebanakan case, rambuit loss does not require special medical treatment. because it is not dangerous, but if the complaint continues you can consult your wife's condition to the doctor for further treatment.

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