Swelling After A Fractured Bone?

Hello wr. wb.Hello ,, I am Azam. I want to ask, one week ago my mother cracked his leg and has been taken. thank you. thank you wr. wb.

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A history of trauma that causes fractured bones indicates an inflammatory process and some of the integrity of the bone is lost. Trauma to the leg area needs to be ascertained its location, direction, and possible complications; because each trauma location can affect the recovery process and recovery time, as well as in the thigh area, where the thigh muscles are very large with a large enough pressure, causing trauma to the thigh area affecting the function of motion and the length of the recovery period. However, all of this still requires direct evaluation and conclusions from doctors who treat patients with trauma, fractured bones, or broken bones, because doctors who treat patients better understand their condition.

While the swelling in the trauma area with a history of fractured bones, is one of the complications that can occur due to the trauma itself and the existence of the fractured bone itself, so the treatment process and recovery process from this trauma need to be done well to reduce the swelling itself, one of them is by reduce excessive movement and reduce the burden on the fractured bone, so as not to aggravate the recovery period.

Some other conditions can also cause swelling, such as:

1. infection

2. blood collection in the trauma area due to broken blood vessels

3. pus formation

4. fractured bones become broken bones

You should advise your parents to consult directly with the orthopedic doctor who treats them, so that the doctor can carry out direct examinations and provide the necessary care. If necessary, a radiological examination can be done to help determine the patient's condition.

For now, the swelling area can be compressed with cold water, besides that the patient should reduce unnecessary movements to prevent these complaints from getting more annoying. Elevate leg position higher than groin to help blood flow back to the heart better.

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