Swelling After Tooth Extraction?

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Hello, I want to ask, my teeth have been badly damaged and many have cavities. After going to the doctor I was advised to pull my teeth. After extracting my gum teeth, it has swollen for 3 days, will it be okay? And also my left molar teeth hurt really after being given antibiotics yesterday. The plan is that my molars will be removed too. Now my lower teeth are almost nonexistent, only my right molars are still intact. I’m afraid of why, what should I do? And will it be okay? thank you

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Basically after tooth extraction, swelling and pain are quite normal. This does not necessarily indicate certain complications or disorders. Swelling after tooth extraction is usually more visible 2-3 days after tooth extraction and will slowly decrease. This swelling will improve within 5-7 days after tooth extraction. Compressing the cheeks on the part of the tooth extracted with a cold compress immediately after tooth extraction can help reduce the swelling that appears. After 3 days, it is recommended to compress the cheeks on the part of the tooth that is pulled out with a warm compress.

Pain itself will also occur especially in the first 3 days after tooth extraction. Your doctor will usually prescribe painkillers for you to help reduce the pain that arises. When your pain medication is used up, you can take pain medication that you can buy yourself freely such as paracetamol.

If after 7 days your teeth are still swollen or after 3 days the pain is getting worse, then you should check yourself back to the dentist. If you see pus or odor coming out of the extracted tooth, the gums keep bleeding, you also need to go back to your dentist immediately.

Because your teeth are removed a lot, you should consider installing dentures as well. This is very important to prevent eating disorders and also malocclusion in your teeth later. Discuss with your dentist about the plan to install dentures as well.

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